House Bound

Anne Kirkland is in love…with a home. The 200-year-old stone mansion has been in her family for generations and nothing is more important to her. A renaissance woman, who doesn’t realize how gifted she is, Anne has poured her blood, sweat and tears, along with every penny she has, into restoring the house that she owns along with her father and siblings. But the ravages of time and nature have taken a toll, and despite her best efforts, Anne is losing the war.

Noah Grant comes to the Kirkland house under false pretenses. Pretending to be one of Anne’s sister’s flings, Noah has really come to check out the house for his former father-in-law. Noah represents a group of interested buyers. With the rest of Anne’s family on board, the sale of the house is imminent, and only Anne’s stubborn determination is standing in the way.

Anne and Noah are instantly drawn to each other, despite the obstacles standing in their way, but can Anne ever forgive him once she learns the truth?

The Catspaw Collection

It takes a thief to steal her heart.

Catspaw 1

A reformed cat burglar. Can he be trusted? Self-made socialite Francesca “Ferris” Byrd is too sharp to be fooled by even the smartest—and sexiest—man, even when he’s notorious ex-thief Patrick Blackheart, now one of San Francisco’s most eligible bachelors. Blackheart runs a respectable security business these days, and seems like the perfect man to protect the fabulous Von Emmerling emeralds. All he has to do is make certain the jewels get back to their owner after an elite charity ball.

And all Ferris has to do is make sure he isn’t tempted to keep them. The problem is, temptation is Blackheart’s specialty, and from the moment they meet it’s clear that he’d love to steal Ferris away from her stodgy life.

When the emeralds disappear, Blackheart is a top suspect. His reputation—and Ferris’s hard-won social standing—are at stake. What’s a woman to do when she’s got to kick off her high heels and follow her heart?

Catspaw 2

He won her love. But is it enough to keep him out of trouble? Being engaged to sexy-hot reformed cat burglar Patrick Blackheart, now a legit security expert, is thrilling, but a challenge. Ferris Byrd has loosened up, but she’s still a law-abiding socialite, and Blackheart promised to steer clear of his old habits. If he doesn’t, the wedding is off.

When a string of jewel heists in Europe matches Blackheart’s recent travel itinerary, Ferris fears he’s succumbed to his old ways. Why was he secretive about his whereabouts? She wants to believe that someone’s setting him up,

but . . .

An exhibit of Faberge eggs at the San Francisco Museum is the ultimate catnip for a jewel thief, and Ferris is in charge of them. She’ll be ready and waiting to unmask this cat burglar.

She desperately hopes he’s not Blackheart.

Anne Stuart is currently celebrating forty-five years as a published novelist. She has won every major award in the romance field and appeared on the NYT Bestseller List, Publisher’s Weekly, and USA Today. Anne Stuart currently lives in northern Vermont.

Glass Houses

The only thing that stood between Michael Dubrovnik and the creation of Dubrovnik Plaza, his crowning achievement as a developer, was the Glass House. The art deco building was old and begged for demolition. Surely it would be easy to convince the owner to sell it to him. But he hadn’t counted on the determination—or the allure—of Laura de Kelsey Winston.

The Glass House had been in Laura’s family for generations, and she refused to sign over her beloved building so that Michael Dubrovnik could destroy her family’s legacy. If it meant war with the most powerful and feared man in Manhattan, Laura was ready for it. But she wasn’t ready to enjoy the battle of wills with Michael quite so much, or to come to like him as a person. And yet she knew that in their war, there could be only one victor…

A Dark and Stormy Night

The man had secrets…

Blindsided by a hurricane, Katie Flynn was seeking shelter from the storm—but all she found was a moody, broody recluse named O’Neal. Trapped with him in his house on a windswept cliff overlooking the wildly tossed sea, Katie tried to fight the feelings O’Neal awakened in her—both of sensuality and fear. She began to suspect that something haunted the tall, gray-eyed man’s domain, something more than the wicked servants or family ghosts… something strange that only O’Neal himself could reveal.

Against the Wind

Puente del Norte—the last place on earth Maddy Lambert had expected to find herself. Yet here she was in the middle of Central America in an embattled guerilla camp on a mission impossible. She’d come to get her dying father, whose ideals had carried him far away from home and won him the title of El Patron—the Saint.

She’d crossed a country at war only to be told that he didn’t recognize her as his daughter…to find him guarded by the infamous Jake Murphy—the man who’d stolen her girlish heart and still had the power to stir her deepest passions. Maddy, the rescuer, found herself in deadly danger.

On Jake’s orders she’d been taken prisoner. And as the air around her rang with intrigue and gunfire, she had little time to learn who was friend or foe, who the enemy was, and who the love was that she’d crossed a continent to find.