The Widow

Aristide Pompasse is dead. But the evil in the great artist’s soul still haunts the vineyards and lurks in the corners of his Tuscan villa. Known as much for his fabulous portraits as his penchant for young mistresses, Pompasse had not let anyone go until Charlie, his young wife, had managed to escape.

Now Charlie is back, to lay old ghosts to rest, to find the answers to who she was, to make peace with her past and her future. And there is no room in that peaceful future for a dangerous man like Connor Maguire.

Cry for the Moon

There’s nothing like the brisk autumn nights of the North.

As cold winds rattled through broken windows and loose doors. Farnum’s Castle felt like an icebox. Marielle Brandt couldn’t complain to the landlord – she was the landlord, having inherited her husband’s mounting debts and title to the weirdest apartment building in the history of human habitation.

The plumbing was shot, the stairs were treacherous and the place was haunted. The tenants were a raggle-taggle group of refugees, witches and warlocks. But he weirdest part was that Farnum’s Castle felt like home, and the tenants like family. Especially Simon Zebriskie, who gruffly dispensed help and advice, and felt like someone Marielle had been seeking all her life to warm her heart on even the coldest Chicago night.

Rocky Road

Nothing Ever Happened on Muscatoon Island…

After two years of devouring mystery novels and acting as a part-time cook for the Muscatoon Inn, Jeannie MacPherson realized that her vacation from her sensational ice-cream empire was definitely losing its charm. So how could she ignore the arrival of Mathew Connelly?

His forbidding demeanor aroused Jeannie’s curiosity, and his obviously painful limp piqued her sympathy. Clearly Mathew needed a friend, and as his only neighbor on the island’s eastern shore, Jeannie naturally elected herself to the post. She did not question the wisdom of her lighthearted decision or wonder about the reasons for Mathew’s arrival on the remote little island until it was much too late.

Museum Piece

Carefully guarded, untouchable–her heart was like a museum piece.

James Elliott thwarted her at every turn, outmaneuvering and outbidding her, scooping up art treasures before she could acquire them for San Francisco’s Museum of American Art. It was unscrupulous and unethical, and Mary Lindsay McDonough decided she’d better do something about it. She would send him a letter of protest, a very cool, very professional letter. But not before she had written an eminently satisfactory, extremely nasty poison pen letter-the letter she would have sent if she didn’t have her reputation and that of the Museum to consider.

Unfortunately, distracted by a box of chocolates, she slipped the wrong letter into the envelope ….

Heart’s Ease

There was nothing to give her heart’s ease

Cassandra O’Neill was appalled and shocked when she was falsely accused of tampering with lab results in her job as a researcher. She had always done meticulous work and was extremely hurt when her co-workers chose to believe the worst and not listen to the truth.

To compound her misfortune, Cassie’s loyal friend Meredith was involved in a serious auto crash and Cassie had to fly to Virginia immediately. When Meredith’s brother Bran picked Cassie up at the airport, she sensed an underlying mistrust – almost as though he hated her from first sight. If only she could have known what effect Bran’s true feelings would have on her . . .