Barrett’s Hill

Even in death, Miranda’s father had his revenge. And Miranda found herself put under the guardianship of the Reverend Smathers and his strange little family. In that stilted hypocritical household, Miranda’s willfulness got the best of her – and she uncovered a tale better left untold.

A monstrous murder had been committed nearby Barrett’s Hill and four men were suspect – four men she knew. One was her late father. The others were her cousin Smathers and his fawning assistant Fathimore. And one was Adam – a dangerous but compelling man who was either trying to murder her – or seduce her. Or perhaps both…

Winter’s Edge

She couldn’t remember her own husband…

After a car wreck, Molly Winters awakened with amnesia – to terrifying news. She was being released into the custody of Patrick Winters, to whom she was apparently married, and from whom she was obviously estranged.

Molly couldn’t remember Patrick – only the emotions of loving and wanting him. But as she was recovering, someone tried to kill her. On the fatal night that had robbed her of her memory, had she been fleeing her husband – or racing towards his embrace?


Demonwood. Its very name sent shivers down her spine. Why had she ever come to this forsaken place in the snow-covered Vermont wilderness? Connell Fitzgerald. Mary said his name and blushed.

Cynical, aloof, Connell was the most strikingly handsome man she had ever seen. Black hair framed his sun-tanned face. His fierce blue eyes pierced her soul.

But hadn’t they warned her? Hadn’t he killed his first wife? Mary didn’t believe any of it. All she remembered was the excitement of their first kiss, the surging warmth of their bodies touching. They had said she was in grave danger, but she had vowed to make Connell love her forever. Could a passion like that be denied?

Cameron’s Landing

‘Please, my child, I haven’t much time left. I want to die knowing whom I can trust.’

Free-spirited, innocent young Lorna MacDougall shivered at the words. She was governess to Lady Margaret’s grandchildren. Why would the wealthy dowager turn to her, a total stranger, for help in finding her husband’s killer?

And which of the Cameron sons could she trust? Weak Stephen, slavishly devoted to his shallow wife; gentle Charles; or darkly handsome, reckless Alex, a type of man Lorna never dreamed she could love? Danger lurked within the island fortress. Death stalked the rockbound cost. More than one had met a mysterious end at Cameron’s Landing, and Lorna suddenly knew she might well be next.