New York Times bestselling author Anne Stuart’s triumphant conclusion to the best-selling Wicked House of Rohan series!

A strong, resilient woman who learned to survive in a world of betrayal.  Emma Cadbury had been an innocent, a whore, a charity worker and a surgeon.  She chose a life without love until she saved a dying soldier in a charity ward.

A scarred soldier who fought to redeem himself from the horrors he’d committed.  Brandon Rohan had lost himself to drugs and degradation, wanting to die, and only one person could save him.  But she’d disappeared.

A love neither of them wants, and a passion so strong it could burn down the world. Now they’ve come together again, but he doesn’t remember, and she doesn’t want to.  But someone is trying to kill her, and Brandon is the one man who can save her.

England in 1840, where no one is what they seem.

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The Spinster and the Rake

Were the lines around his eyes from laughter or light living? One good look at Ronan Patrick Blakely, Marquis of Herrington, and Gillian Redford thought she knew the answer.

This knight in tarnished armor, who had rescued her from a coach accident, now presumed to pluck her from her straitlaced life and send her to perdition! He was clearly a rogue, a rake with a dangerous gleam in his eye, determined to chase the last vestiges of propriety from her starchy life. Did she dare accept the challenge? She was thirty–old enough to know better. Old enough, he said, to kick up her heels and let the devil take the hindmost!

The Houseparty

Is he a spy who could break her heart?

Michael Fraser was so handsome, it was positively criminal. His cold blue eyes made Elizabeth’s heart skip at their very first meeting. No doubt about it, the gossip was right: this tough soldier was a traitor, a spy, a scurrilous French agent. Yet her hapless cousin had invited him to their home for the weekend.

What trouble might this untrustable man cause during the course of a three-day house party filled with distinguished guests? Soon Elizabeth hears that this stealthy spy has been querying the servants about her. Her brother is off on a secret mission against Bonaparte–that must be the reason for Michael’s sly attentions.

If only his gaze weren’t so irresistible, his voice so hypnotic, his kiss so treasonously sweet. She never imagined a French agent could be this dangerous.

The Devil’s Waltz

When you dance with the devil, you hold hands with temptation . . .

Christian Montcalm was a practical man, if a destitute scoundrel, but his plan to bed and wed the delectable Miss Hetty Chipple would take care of that sticky wicket. However, there was a most intriguing obstacle to his success.

Annelise Kempton desired nothing more than to come between this despicable rogue and the fortune (and virtue) of her young charge. Certainly, Annelise understood the desperation that comes from hard times, but Montcalm would fail — she would personally see to it. All that stood in her way was a man whose rakish charm could tempt a saint to sin, or consign a confirmed spinster to sleepless nights of longing . . . to give the devil his due.

Lord Satan’s Bride

They called him Satan. His arrogant good looks compelled. His black eyes seemed able to see into one’s very soul. Nicholas, the viscount Wyndham, was deemed a dark and dangerous man, outcast from polite society, hardly a fit companion for an innocent new arrival like Sylvie Wetherall.

But beneath the angelic facade of the vicar’s daughter beat a heart that longed for passionate adventure… a heart irresistibly drawn to the piercing gaze where she sensed not danger but aching need and her own inescapable destiny.