Hand In Glove

When Judith Daniels’ friend calls her in the middle of the night and says that someone is trying to kill her, Judith assumes it’s more of Lacey’s usual drama. After a full day of work at her small-town newspaper and several nights with very little sleep, Judith doesn’t have time for Lacey’s wild imagination, but when she wakes up to discover that her best friend is dead, she realizes that while the police may be calling the death an accident, she owes it to her friend to discover if something more sinister has taken place. Lacey had been working at The Puppet Factory for world famous puppeteer, Ryan Smith. Ryan is rich, gorgeous, famous and reclusive. And he might be the last person who saw Lacey alive.

Ryan realizes what Judith is up to almost as soon as she walks through the door to interview for a position that she’s far too qualified for. He recognizes the nosey reporter from pictures Lacey had shown him, but he also knows that kicking her out will only make her think he has something to hide. He’s sure that Lacey’s death was nothing more than a tragic accident, and he assumes the best way to prove that to Judith is to let her stay at The Puppet Factory and do a little investigating of her own. The fact that he is attracted to her has nothing to do with it.

The only flaw with Ryan’s plan is that Lacey’s death was no accident. And the closer Ryan gets to Judith the closer the killer gets to her.

Angels Wings

Angela Hogan is a pilot. A good pilot, and one of the few female flying aces of the 1930s. Struggling to make a living while the Great Depression rages, Angela has no problem running a small business and competing with men who believe a woman’s place is in the home. She has a plan to bring in business. All she needs to do is break the record for flying from Newfoundland to Havana, and that’s exactly what she plans to do. But when a competing air freight company threatens her livelihood, Angela has no choice but to hire a hotshot pilot with a reputation for setting records in the air and being a lady’s man on the ground.

Jack Clancy doesn’t like bossy women. He prefers blondes with more beauty than brains, but he takes the job at Hogan Air Freight in order to save enough money to ship his own plane back to the States and get it the repairs it needs. He tries to tell himself that’s the only reason, even as he is drawn inexplicably to Angela Hogan. The female pilot and her determined attitude bother Jack, but that doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about what lies beneath that prim and proper exterior, even as she squares off to fight him at every turn.

Soon Jack and Angela’s shared passion for flying turns into a passion for one another. But Jack has no intention of becoming tied to a woman like Angela and having his wings clipped. And Angela has no intention of leaving the flying to the men so she can become a homemaker. She intends to finish what she started and break the record for the flight she had planned, even when it turns out that the record she’s breaking belongs to Jack Clancy.

Partners in Crime

Jane Dexter is in need of a criminal. After her brother is killed in a car accident, the secret formula that had been his life’s work is about to be auctioned to the highest bidder, a fact that Jane knows would make her brother roll over in his grave. With no legal recourse, Jane has decided that her only option is to burn down the lab where her brother worked and destroy the formula in the process, so she approaches long-time criminal, Jimmy (the Stoolie) Calvin and asks him to help her commit arson. At least she thinks she does. Thanks to a typo in the newspaper, the man Jane believes is Jimmy the Stoolie is actually his high-powered attorney, Alexander Caldicott.

Alexander (Sandy) Caldicott is bored. Everything about his life is predictable until Jane Dexter appears at his door asking him to commit arson. Sandy goes along with her plan, telling himself that pretending to be the seasoned criminal is the only way to prevent Jane from committing a felony. Together the unlikely partners work to discover a way to keep the formula from falling into the wrong hands, all the while trying to stay one step ahead from a dangerous man who may be willing to kill to get the formula for himself. With danger lurking around every corner, Jane and Sandy have no where to turn but to each other.

House Bound

Anne Kirkland is in love…with a home. The 200-year-old stone mansion has been in her family for generations and nothing is more important to her. A renaissance woman, who doesn’t realize how gifted she is, Anne has poured her blood, sweat and tears, along with every penny she has, into restoring the house that she owns along with her father and siblings. But the ravages of time and nature have taken a toll, and despite her best efforts, Anne is losing the war.

Noah Grant comes to the Kirkland house under false pretenses. Pretending to be one of Anne’s sister’s flings, Noah has really come to check out the house for his former father-in-law. Noah represents a group of interested buyers. With the rest of Anne’s family on board, the sale of the house is imminent, and only Anne’s stubborn determination is standing in the way.

Anne and Noah are instantly drawn to each other, despite the obstacles standing in their way, but can Anne ever forgive him once she learns the truth?

Glass Houses

The only thing that stood between Michael Dubrovnik and the creation of Dubrovnik Plaza, his crowning achievement as a developer, was the Glass House. The art deco building was old and begged for demolition. Surely it would be easy to convince the owner to sell it to him. But he hadn’t counted on the determination—or the allure—of Laura de Kelsey Winston.

The Glass House had been in Laura’s family for generations, and she refused to sign over her beloved building so that Michael Dubrovnik could destroy her family’s legacy. If it meant war with the most powerful and feared man in Manhattan, Laura was ready for it. But she wasn’t ready to enjoy the battle of wills with Michael quite so much, or to come to like him as a person. And yet she knew that in their war, there could be only one victor…