Heat Wave

Well, I tried to be really good and do another post but WordPress was being wonky. It’s working now and it’s too hot to do anything else, so here goes.

Just read the new Susan Elizabeth Phillips and it was WONDERFUL! (Yes, I’m shouting). Just fabulous. SEP can’t write a bad book, and she’s always fun, but this one was superlative, and the audio version rocks! I highly recommend it.

Been reading older Sandra Brown novels too, and they’re fun but a bit hard-boiled. The love story isn’t front and center, the mystery is, (I’d call them suspense rather than romantic suspense) but she’s another one who can’t write a bad book.

It’s been too hot here (hotter in northern Vermont that in NJ) to do much but sit in front of a fan and read, though I do have two quilt tops basted and ready to go. It’s just too hot to start, but maybe if I do it first thing in the morning that’ll work. Thing is, Richie and I always sit on the deck with our coffee in the morning and talk, and I don’t want to give that up. Still, I can get started earlier. (update – I started quilting until the free motion foot loosened and fell off and broke the needle).

I need to find a book to swoon over. I just bought hardcover editions of two of my favorite books (My Lord Monleigh and Bride of MacHugh) from ABE book so I’ll probably dive into them when they arrive.

The good news is that THE ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY WORST MAN IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES is ready for my editor. My number one reader loved it, and I’m feeling happy happy happy with it. Now for all the extra work – the cover, the editing, the advertising, etc. (I don’t send the book to Jenny at this point because our finished products are so different – she micromanages and I paint with magic markers. If I gave it to her now she’d try to turn it into a Crusie, and while a real Crusie is incomparable, a Krissie-Crusie would end up like Frankenstein.)

In the meantime, I recommend you all seek out a favorite book to reread. More suggestions, please. I’m reading (I blush to admit it) TANGLED LIES because it’s one of my all-time favorites, and looking forward to the new Sarah MacLean Bareknuckle Bastards (all of this via Audible, because that’s how I roll).

And now, I can throw myself into the new/old book that I started a few years ago and got shot down on. That’s the lovely thing about indie-publishing. You can write your heart’s desire and no one’s gonna bitch about hooks and the market. Ah, Freedom (even if it comes at the price of all that annoying business stuff).

Happy Fourth of July out there. Stay in your backyards, wear masks, and think of your fellow woman/man. Cheers!