House Bound

Anne Kirkland is in love…with a home. The 200-year-old stone mansion has been in her family for generations and nothing is more important to her. A renaissance woman, who doesn’t realize how gifted she is, Anne has poured her blood, sweat and tears, along with every penny she has, into restoring the house that she owns along with her father and siblings. But the ravages of time and nature have taken a toll, and despite her best efforts, Anne is losing the war.

Noah Grant comes to the Kirkland house under false pretenses. Pretending to be one of Anne’s sister’s flings, Noah has really come to check out the house for his former father-in-law. Noah represents a group of interested buyers. With the rest of Anne’s family on board, the sale of the house is imminent, and only Anne’s stubborn determination is standing in the way.

Anne and Noah are instantly drawn to each other, despite the obstacles standing in their way, but can Anne ever forgive him once she learns the truth?

Winter’s Edge

She couldn’t remember her own husband…

After a car wreck, Molly Winters awakened with amnesia – to terrifying news. She was being released into the custody of Patrick Winters, to whom she was apparently married, and from whom she was obviously estranged.

Molly couldn’t remember Patrick – only the emotions of loving and wanting him. But as she was recovering, someone tried to kill her. On the fatal night that had robbed her of her memory, had she been fleeing her husband – or racing towards his embrace?