One More Valentine

When James Sheridan Rafferty died in the famed Saint Valentine’s Day massacre, he’d no idea that Cupid’s wicked angels would give him a second-chance … in 1993. All he had to do was fall madly in love within forty-eight hours.

But could a real Chicago gangster with a chip on his shoulder – and a down-and-dirty twenties style even Bogart would envy – fall truly in love? It hardly helped that the day of hearts and flowers fell on Friday the 13th.

Helen Emerson complicated matters, since the good-hearted gangster didn’t have time to save damsels in distress. No doubt Helen would make a fabulous lover, but she was no gun moll. Still, with time running out, she was Rafferty’s only hope.

Angels Wings

Angela Hogan is a pilot. A good pilot, and one of the few female flying aces of the 1930s. Struggling to make a living while the Great Depression rages, Angela has no problem running a small business and competing with men who believe a woman’s place is in the home. She has a plan to bring in business. All she needs to do is break the record for flying from Newfoundland to Havana, and that’s exactly what she plans to do. But when a competing air freight company threatens her livelihood, Angela has no choice but to hire a hotshot pilot with a reputation for setting records in the air and being a lady’s man on the ground.

Jack Clancy doesn’t like bossy women. He prefers blondes with more beauty than brains, but he takes the job at Hogan Air Freight in order to save enough money to ship his own plane back to the States and get it the repairs it needs. He tries to tell himself that’s the only reason, even as he is drawn inexplicably to Angela Hogan. The female pilot and her determined attitude bother Jack, but that doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about what lies beneath that prim and proper exterior, even as she squares off to fight him at every turn.

Soon Jack and Angela’s shared passion for flying turns into a passion for one another. But Jack has no intention of becoming tied to a woman like Angela and having his wings clipped. And Angela has no intention of leaving the flying to the men so she can become a homemaker. She intends to finish what she started and break the record for the flight she had planned, even when it turns out that the record she’s breaking belongs to Jack Clancy.

Cry for the Moon

There’s nothing like the brisk autumn nights of the North.

As cold winds rattled through broken windows and loose doors. Farnum’s Castle felt like an icebox. Marielle Brandt couldn’t complain to the landlord – she was the landlord, having inherited her husband’s mounting debts and title to the weirdest apartment building in the history of human habitation.

The plumbing was shot, the stairs were treacherous and the place was haunted. The tenants were a raggle-taggle group of refugees, witches and warlocks. But he weirdest part was that Farnum’s Castle felt like home, and the tenants like family. Especially Simon Zebriskie, who gruffly dispensed help and advice, and felt like someone Marielle had been seeking all her life to warm her heart on even the coldest Chicago night.