Glass Houses

The only thing that stood between Michael Dubrovnik and the creation of Dubrovnik Plaza, his crowning achievement as a developer, was the Glass House. The art deco building was old and begged for demolition. Surely it would be easy to convince the owner to sell it to him. But he hadn’t counted on the determination—or the allure—of Laura de Kelsey Winston.

The Glass House had been in Laura’s family for generations, and she refused to sign over her beloved building so that Michael Dubrovnik could destroy her family’s legacy. If it meant war with the most powerful and feared man in Manhattan, Laura was ready for it. But she wasn’t ready to enjoy the battle of wills with Michael quite so much, or to come to like him as a person. And yet she knew that in their war, there could be only one victor…

“Blind Date from Hell”

A spy should know better, but this spy gets stuck on a blind-date assignment with the ex-partner who broke her heart. A lot of making up can get done between scaling rooftops and dodging bullets.