Her power-hungry husband takes pleasure in her pain, but she’s done playing the victim.

Three years ago, ex-operative Sophie Jordan made the mistake of falling in love—and marrying—her target. Now she’s paying for it tenfold. Her husband might be one of the sexiest men alive, but he’s also a psychopath. She’s been a virtual prisoner, and the time has come for retribution—and escape.

Undercover agent Malcolm Gunnison has his orders: get intel from Sophie’s arms-dealer husband, then kill him. He plans to get rid of her, too, if she gets in his way, but he’s unprepared when she gets under his skin instead. Whose side is she on? And what is she hiding behind those mesmerizing eyes?

Sophie vowed to never fall for another man again, but this sexy undercover agent is different. With danger mounting, can Malcolm and Sophie trust each other—and their growing passion—enough to get out of this operation alive?

Shadow Lover


In the wealthy MacDowell family, adopted daughter Carolyn Smith always felt like an outsider. But as she tends the dying MacDowell matriarch, Aunt Sally–the only mother she’s ever known–Carolyn hopes her aunt will find peace. Then Alex MacDowell walks into their lives.


Wild and spoiled, Aunt Sally’s son Alex ran away eighteen years ago. Now he has returned–to his loving mother, and to a large inheritance. The headstrong bad boy of the family always stirred mixed feelings of jealousy and desire in Carolyn, but her heart holds a deadly secret. This compelling man can’t be Alex–because on the night Alex “disappeared,” she saw him murdered.


Held in terror, Carolyn kept silent for years. Now as she works to expose his true identity, she uncovers a tangled web of hidden secrets and lies. But Carolyn suspects that the seductive power of this dark and dangerous man could be the biggest threat of all….

Shadows At Sunset

House of Shadows
The house on Sunset Boulevard has witnessed everything: from the infamous murder-suicide of a ’50s starlet and her lover, to the drug-fueled commune in the ’60s, to the anguish of its present owner, Jilly Meyer, who is struggling to preserve the house and what’s left of her wounded family.

Man of Shadows
Coltrane is a liar, a con man and a threat to everything Jilly holds dear. He is also her hated father’s right-hand man, a gorgeous, loathsome snake who doesn’t care whom he uses to get what he wants. And he’s made it clear he wants Jilly. But the question is, what does he want her for?

Shadows at Sunset
Somehow Jilly has to stop Coltrane from destroying everything she cherishes. Including her own vulnerable heart. And the only way to do that is to uncover what Coltrane is really up to, and that could mean upsetting the explosive secrets of the past.

Rancho Diablo

Nostalgia was her enemy…

Isabelle Romney couldn’t escape her memories of Rancho Diablo–and the man who’d stolen her birthright.

Cool, cynical and daring, Luke Cassidy had been first in her father’s heart–and for better or worse, Luke was first in hers.

In Paris, in Rome, watching the city lights of Manhattan, Isabelle swore she’d never return to her Wyoming home, would never again be vulnerable to Luke.

But that was before she ran into more trouble than she could handle. Isabelle concocted a plan to rid herself of her problems and her memories and to put Luke beyond temptation forever. But to do that, she had to make one last trip home…