Partners in Crime

Jane Dexter is in need of a criminal. After her brother is killed in a car accident, the secret formula that had been his life’s work is about to be auctioned to the highest bidder, a fact that Jane knows would make her brother roll over in his grave. With no legal recourse, Jane has decided that her only option is to burn down the lab where her brother worked and destroy the formula in the process, so she approaches long-time criminal, Jimmy (the Stoolie) Calvin and asks him to help her commit arson. At least she thinks she does. Thanks to a typo in the newspaper, the man Jane believes is Jimmy the Stoolie is actually his high-powered attorney, Alexander Caldicott.

Alexander (Sandy) Caldicott is bored. Everything about his life is predictable until Jane Dexter appears at his door asking him to commit arson. Sandy goes along with her plan, telling himself that pretending to be the seasoned criminal is the only way to prevent Jane from committing a felony. Together the unlikely partners work to discover a way to keep the formula from falling into the wrong hands, all the while trying to stay one step ahead from a dangerous man who may be willing to kill to get the formula for himself. With danger lurking around every corner, Jane and Sandy have no where to turn but to each other.

A Dark and Stormy Night

The man had secrets…

Blindsided by a hurricane, Katie Flynn was seeking shelter from the storm—but all she found was a moody, broody recluse named O’Neal. Trapped with him in his house on a windswept cliff overlooking the wildly tossed sea, Katie tried to fight the feelings O’Neal awakened in her—both of sensuality and fear. She began to suspect that something haunted the tall, gray-eyed man’s domain, something more than the wicked servants or family ghosts… something strange that only O’Neal himself could reveal.

Barrett’s Hill

Even in death, Miranda’s father had his revenge. And Miranda found herself put under the guardianship of the Reverend Smathers and his strange little family. In that stilted hypocritical household, Miranda’s willfulness got the best of her – and she uncovered a tale better left untold.

A monstrous murder had been committed nearby Barrett’s Hill and four men were suspect – four men she knew. One was her late father. The others were her cousin Smathers and his fawning assistant Fathimore. And one was Adam – a dangerous but compelling man who was either trying to murder her – or seduce her. Or perhaps both…

When the Stars Fall Down

Jessica Hansen’s success and icy calm hide painful secrets and a past that shapes her life. Until she meets Springer MacDowell, son of her best friends. One decision sets off a series of cataclysmic events that rip apart her safe life.

Retreating to an old summer house in Vermont, Jessica slowly learns to accept friendship, accept the past, accept the new family she’s made, building a hopeful future, until Springer comes back into her life, ready to shatter her new-found peace.

Can these two survivors ever learn how to belong? Can they heal enough to make that family theirs?

This RITA Award winning novel was previously titled Banish Misfortune.

Cameron’s Landing

‘Please, my child, I haven’t much time left. I want to die knowing whom I can trust.’

Free-spirited, innocent young Lorna MacDougall shivered at the words. She was governess to Lady Margaret’s grandchildren. Why would the wealthy dowager turn to her, a total stranger, for help in finding her husband’s killer?

And which of the Cameron sons could she trust? Weak Stephen, slavishly devoted to his shallow wife; gentle Charles; or darkly handsome, reckless Alex, a type of man Lorna never dreamed she could love? Danger lurked within the island fortress. Death stalked the rockbound cost. More than one had met a mysterious end at Cameron’s Landing, and Lorna suddenly knew she might well be next.