Hand In Glove

When Judith Daniels’ friend calls her in the middle of the night and says that someone is trying to kill her, Judith assumes it’s more of Lacey’s usual drama. After a full day of work at her small-town newspaper and several nights with very little sleep, Judith doesn’t have time for Lacey’s wild imagination, but when she wakes up to discover that her best friend is dead, she realizes that while the police may be calling the death an accident, she owes it to her friend to discover if something more sinister has taken place. Lacey had been working at The Puppet Factory for world famous puppeteer, Ryan Smith. Ryan is rich, gorgeous, famous and reclusive. And he might be the last person who saw Lacey alive.

Ryan realizes what Judith is up to almost as soon as she walks through the door to interview for a position that she’s far too qualified for. He recognizes the nosey reporter from pictures Lacey had shown him, but he also knows that kicking her out will only make her think he has something to hide. He’s sure that Lacey’s death was nothing more than a tragic accident, and he assumes the best way to prove that to Judith is to let her stay at The Puppet Factory and do a little investigating of her own. The fact that he is attracted to her has nothing to do with it.

The only flaw with Ryan’s plan is that Lacey’s death was no accident. And the closer Ryan gets to Judith the closer the killer gets to her.