Still Lake

Turning run-down Stonegate Farm into a quaint country inn is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Sophie Davis. It’s also a chance to move her aging mother and kid sister out of the city–a change that, she hopes, will help both women sort out their lives. She doesn’t even mind that the farm was the scene of a grisly murder 20 years earlier–until a handsome stranger moves in next door.

Who is the mysterious John Smith? Is he a threat to Sophie’s family, her dreams–her life? Why does his very presence make her feel completely out of control…and what can she do about it?

Silver Falls

Rachel is finally getting it right. After years of wandering, she’s married the perfect man and settled into the ideal life. But as her sleepy little town turns into a killing ground, she realizes that this new life might come at too high a price.

Caleb Middleton says he’s returned home to set things right. But as her husband’s dangerous brother circles like a hungry wolf, poking holes in her perfect world, Rachel draws her young daughter in close. The rain and violence keep coming, and Rachel must decide whether to trust her dream life or her instincts…before the town of Silver Falls becomes her grave.