Prince of Swords

She is an impoverished noblewoman who lives by her wits as a Tarot reader for the English nobility. He is London’s most notorious cat burglar.

They met one dark, glittering night. Yet even Jessamine Maitland cannot foresee the destiny that will sweep her into the adventure of her life with the proud, arrogant thief who has no intention of ever being caught – by man or woman.

But Alastair MacAlpin has not reckoned on Jessamine – and a passion that will turn a game of cat-and-mouse into a matter of life and death. As the elusive aristocrat attempts the most daring coup of his checkered career, he is undone by this elegant beauty who sees the tenderness behind his mocking facade .. and who will pursue him over rooftops and to the ends of the earth, if she must, for the love only he can give her.