She had no choice but to trust a dangerous man with her life… 

Practical Maggie Brown was the dutiful daughter, the good sister-and in trouble again because of her feckless family. But Ben Frazer held the answers to her problems. Maggie hired him as her guide through the remote, hostile mountain region to locate her wayward sibling on a life-and-death matter–his protection was part of the package. Little things like where she was, how to get home or whom to trust, were a mystery to Maggie, which left her only Ben–an even more confounding unknown–to turn to.

But what about her heart? 

In the isolation of rugged terrain, Maggie was at Ben’s mercy. And she suddenly found herself embroiled in a conspiracy of colossal proportions. With threats on all sides, Ben was her lifeline. But would he save Maggie when she fell … for him?

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